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2014-02-18 23:49:20 by DCXME01

So... I've been outside of this limited prison full of cocky assholes, and cocksuckers, bitch about my gun set (TOAS, that means you. fag), Yeah, I posted a forum post as 'Worst user in NG', and some asshole took it down because of 'attention whoring.' Let me tell you this, you bastards. The few flash games and movies I made were created by TGF2 NG (which were 5-10MB, each) and it doesn't support .mp3 files, in here on the forum post, it doesn't allow .png. WTF!?, and size limits too, don't get me started with that. and let me get to talk about you people... do you even go outside of NG, Youtube, some NG user's website or any kind of porn site? as I thought. I went places that there's little to no limits, no complete assholes telling me what to do, or what not to do. This is my life, This is my Arsenal, SO FUCK YOU! *The F-Track plays*


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2014-02-19 04:49:02

I agree

DCXME01 responds:



2014-02-19 06:29:17

All news posts can be considered attention whoring, because the sole purpose of making a news post is to attract attention.
Therefore, all news posts must be immediately deleted.
I said, IMMEDIATELY, whoever with administrative privileges is reading this

DCXME01 responds:

Goddamn Admins


2015-09-03 23:29:47

I'm against it with you.

DCXME01 responds:

Congratulations, you commented on an old post which I regret writing this.